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Sports Cardiology

Aloha & Welcome

The East Hawaii Sports Cardiology Program is a multidisciplinary team of doctors with expertise in sports cardiology, all facets of cardiovascular disease, and general sports medicine.

This is the only program in the State of Hawaii dedicated to the care of the athlete’s heart.

We look forward to serving you.

Who Should See a Sports Cardiologist

Anyone with the following:

 Symptoms of cardiovascular disease

This includes chest pain, shortness of breath, changes in exercise capacity, heart palpitations, or syncope

✔ A personal or family history of cardiovascular disease

✔ Athletes seeking recommendations on optimizing their training and safety

**Referral required for patients under the age of 18

We Offer

✔ Screening, evaluation, and treatment of athletes at all levels of ability and stages of life

✔ ECG Screening, AED training & Cardiac Emergency Response planning for schools and groups

✔ Formal exercise prescriptions based on individual goals, fitness level, and underlying medical conditions

All patients receive a detailed medical and athletic history, physical examination, and ECG.  Further testing and treatment is tailored to the specific needs of each athlete. Advanced diagnostic techniques such as echocardiography (including 3D imaging), stress testing, coronary angiography, cardiac MRI or CT, extended rhythm monitoring, and genetic testing are available as necessary


Consultations Include

✔ Treadmill / Stress Test

✔ Echocardiogram

✔ Coronary Calcium Score

✔ Lipid Profile

✔ Consultation with a Sports Cardiologist

✔ Individualized Exercise Plan

For more information or to schedule a consultation please call:

East Hawaii Health, Cardiology Clinic

Ph: (808) 932-3480 | Fax: (808) 974-6798

Youth ECG Screening

It is estimated that sudden cardiac death occurs in a young, apparently healthy person about once every three days somewhere in the United States.  This is obviously a devastating occurrence.  The best test we have for identifying the conditions which place a young person at risk for cardiac arrest is an ECG.  This is a painless test, taking less than 5 minutes to complete, which records the electrical activity of the heart.  The ECG will identify roughly 90% of the conditions which put someone at risk for cardiac arrest.  Unfortunately, history and physical examination alone will only identify about 15% of those same conditions.

This is why we feel very strongly about offering ECG screening to all young people on the island, not just athletes, between the ages of 14-24.  This screening should be completed a minimum of every 2 years until the age of 24.  Please check our website for an upcoming event in your area or contact us today to arrange a screening for your school or group.

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Youth ECG Screening

Sports CardiologyYouth ECG Screening It is estimated that sudden cardiac death