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The Masters Athlete: How a Sports Cardiologist Can Benefit You

The Masters Athlete:

How a Sports Cardiologist Can Benefit You

The East Hawaii Health, Sports Cardiology Program offers a number of services tailored to the masters athlete.  A masters athlete is defined as any active individual over the age of 35 who trains for a specific goal or sport.  We include “occupational athletes” such as police, fire, and military personnel within this group as well.

As a general rule, athletes and active adults are healthier than their sedentary counterparts.  However, it is important to remember that exercise and sport alone does not provide immunity from the development of cardiovascular disease.  Many factors out of your control can increase your risk regardless of physical ability.  Additionally, there is an increased risk of acute cardiac events during intense physical exertion.

A sports cardiologist has specific expertise in the demands exercise places on the cardiovascular system as well as the adaptations that occur with training.  Masters athletes are a unique population requiring evaluation individualized to their specific sport, training regimen, and risk factor profile.  This individualized assessment allows us to develop treatment and training protocols designed to optimize performance and minimize risk.

If you are an athlete with cardiovascular disease, risk factors for cardiovascular disease, or are simply looking to improve your performance, call (808) 932-3480 to schedule an appointment.  We look forward to working with you.